Why use functional ingredients in cake production?

Cakes are perhaps one of our most popular pastries and appreciated worldwide in endless variations. A fine cake with a consistent quality and eating experience is crucial to win the consumers’ approval and be successful in your sale.

To choose the best ingredient solutions for your cake you must first understand the formulation of your cake. Formulation wise cakes are often divided between high and low ratio cakes. The first has a sugar weight equal to or greater than the weight of the flour, while in the later the sugar weight exceeds the flour weight. Further, cakes might be classified in the following groups:

  1. Batter, e.g. pound cake & muffins
  2. Foam, e.g. sponge cake & merengue
  3. Chiffon, combination of a batter & foam

Depending on sugar, fat, egg, flour content or cake type you will meet different challenges. A foam cake type could for example require more aeration and therefore having a tendency to dry more quickly. A challenge for batter cake types can be to achieve a long shelf life and keep the product fresh and microbiologically safe until the best before date.

Using functional ingredients will help you throughout the whole baking process by providing “structure builders”, tenderisers, moisteners, driers and much more. At Aromatic we support leading cake producers to set the optimal process and solve problems in regard to cake volume, softness, freshness and price. Additionally, we give technical support on conditioning of ingredients, mixing, depositing, baking and cooling of batter / foam cake types.

Case study

Challenge: A customer is struggling to balance a cake recipe in regard to the softness and freshness over time. He would like to develop a cake with a shelf life of approximately 6-9 months.

Solution: The softness is improved by reducing the starch re-crystallisation (cake retrogradation) process. Moreover, the right ingredients and processes are selected to reduce the drying of the cake (inhibit moisture migration) and to prevent microbiological growth by adjusting to the most accurate water activity and pH of the cake needed for a long shelf life.