Technical Competence Centre

This is where we have gathered all our knowledge and worldwide experience in industrial and artisan baking. Here we meet our clients and develop new ideas, optimise recipes and put technologies into practice.

The Technical Competence Centre is the absolute core of Bakels Aromatic and has become a valuable source of know-how for our clients. Highly qualified bakery technicians with vast manufacturing experience are at hand to help you master functional ingredients and to control your baking process with proficiency.

The team is present around the world and offers support and guidance free of charge on location or at our test bakery. Our hands-on approach not only enables you to master your own baking, but inspires creativity and innovation. The team supports you with:

  • Problem solving
  • Recipe formulation
  • Recipe and process optimisation
  • Training and seminars
  • Product demonstrations
  • Inspiration for new applications


Let our baking specialists advise you on your baking challenge, and work closely together with your R&D and production team.

Research & development

The insight and experience gained in the Technical Competence Centre directly influences our Research and Development team. We explore new trends, ingredients and technologies and turn ideas into actual products and solutions. Whether it’s a product for the industrial-scale market, or a tailor-made solution to assist with a unique requirement of one of our customers.

What is your baking challenge?