Sustainable emulsifiers for the modern bakery


Bakels Aromatic supports sustainable baking and is committed to providing greener, clean label products for the modern bakery. Our range of powerful emulsifiers contains only fractional quantities of palm oil. Even so, as an RSPO-certified handler of ingredients sourced from ‘segregated’ palm oil, we now formulate all our emulsifiers with these segregated oils, while some are offered entirely palm-free.

What is segregated palm oil?

Segregated oils are those produced by sustainable plantations recognised by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, an association of organisations from different sectors of the palm oil industry.
These sustainably-produced oils are physically separated, or segregated, from conventional oils throughout the supply chain.
Companies wishing to use segregated oils in their manufacturing process must apply for RSPO accreditation. There are several levels of RSPO accreditation:

  • Book and claim
  • Mass-balanced
  • Segregated – the highest of these three accreditation levels

The images below illustrate how the segregated supply chain differs from the conventional supply chain:

rspo segregated palm oil supply chain

conventional palm oil supply chain

What are the criteria for RSPO certified plantations?

Aside from a commitment to fair working conditions and reduced use of pesticides and fires, RSPO certification stipulates that the following must be protected:

  • primary forest areas
  • significant areas of biodiversity
  • habitats of endangered species
  • fragile ecosystems
  • areas carrying significant cultural importance

Going entirely palm-free

For the palm-sensitive market, we also offer products that are entirely free of palm oil, such as the palm-free version of our classic alpha-gel emulsifier, Jilk. Ask our sales advisers for more information. And welcome to the future of sustainable baking!