Maintain freshness with Dorothy Palm Free

Bakels Aromatic launches Dorothy PF– a palm free emulsifier for soft cakes and the fifth member in the Dorothy product line. Dorothy PF is based on the original Dorothy recipe, which has a long track record within freshness and softness.

Great eating quality, fine crumb structure and cost reduction on recipe are just a few of many benefits. Suitable for pound cakes, muffins, madeleines, bar cakes and similar.

Fine eating quality

An emulsifier designed to promote freshness in cakes and improve crumb texture. Dorothy PF is composed of carefully selected ingredients formulated to prevent staling. Maintains softness over time and gives a notably fine eating quality.

Reduced recipe costs

Dorothy PF makes batter very flexible so that ingredients can easily be added or combined to customise an application. Depending on recipe, fat and egg content may be cut down and water increased. This may reduce the total baking cost.

Free from palm oil

Of pure vegetable origin entirely produced from raw materials other than palm. Dorothy PF comes in a convenient creamy paste form for optimal performance, and is free from GMO and allergens. Low dosage and economical in use.