RSPO-certified or palm free bakery ingredients

Palm oil appears in a wide range of bakery products such as cakes, ice cream and confectionery. By choosing certified palm ingredients you can take advantage of the benefits from palm and support a sustainable environment at the same time.

Palm oil can be a component in many bakery ingredients, such as emulsifiers, margarine and chocolate. In combination with other fat, palm oil influences the spread of a cookie, the volume and grain of a cake, the creamy texture of a frosting and the crispiness and crunch in biscuits and croissants. By choosing a certified option you contribute to protecting the environment of where it’s grown and preservation of the local wildlife.


At Aromatic palm oil is not used as a single ingredient. A few of the ingredients used to produce release agents and emulsifiers only partly originate from palm. For example the monoglycerides used in the cake gels contains only fractions of palm oil. This means the Aromatic cake gel contributes with less than a half percent of palm to a muffin.

We feel confident in having a product range containing so very small amounts of palm. As a green player we promote sustainable baking and offer the whole product range as mass-balanced. We are also certified to handle products with segregated palm origin, but the availability of segregated raw material is still limited. For the strictly palm sensitive market we have also developed an assortment of entirely palm free products. This way we can satisfy any palm approach and can support our customers whatever palm philosophy they have.

What is RSPO-certified palm oil?

RSPO is an association of organisations from different sectors of the palm oil industry. They have developed a set of environmental and social criteria, which companies must comply with in order to produce Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).

RSPO certified palm products are supplied through the following systems:



Certified oil can be mixed with conventional oil.
Movements of the mixed oil is monitored.
The amount of mass-balanced sold cannot exceed the original amount of certified oil.
Flexible logistics keeps the cost down.




Physically separated from conventional oil.
Can be mixed with other sustainable oil coming from other certified plantations.
Cannot be traced to the mill or plantation.
Expensive alternative.


Book & claim

Conventional oil purchased along with a green certificate representing an equivalent volume of sustainable produced palm oil.
Producers that operate sustainably receive the certificate price.