Releasing spray
Simplicity delivers performance

Tarant is an efficient release agent widely used in artisan bakeries and small-scale food production. The handy spray improves flexibility and ensures easy release of cakes.

Releasing spray  <br />Simplicity delivers performance

Easy to use

Convenient spray-can provides a fine, high-density film of oil, which easily releases baked products from baking forms and tins. Only an extremely thin film is required to cover the baking surface. The releasing oil in Tarant is easy to apply and always evenly distributed.

Packaging: 525 ml spray can

Easy to use

Tarant by application

Carefully formulated for efficient functionality, Tarant is an all-round release agent for all kinds of bakery and food production.
Suitable for horizontal and vertical application, and for hot and cold products.

  • Cakes
  • Bread
  • Pizza

Non-stick guaranteed!

A clean release ensures a more reliable baking process. Sticking leads to product defects that reduce the product’s value in the market place and increases product waste.

Tarant guarantees a smooth surface that releases baked goods without sticking. It’s also formulated without water, which eliminates the risk of corrosion on baking equipment surfaces.

Five fast facts

No trans fat

Free from any partly-hardened fats.


Only a very small amount required.


Does not affect flavour of end product.


Oil and lecithin of pure vegetable origin.


Makes baking surfaces easier to clean.