Releasing agents
Ensure flawless and easy release

Bandex is a range of high quality releasing agents designed to achieve a clean release of bread, cake and pastry from bands, trays and tins. An efficient release reduces the risk of production delays, product loss and rejects on the production line.

Releasing agents <br /> Ensure flawless and easy release

Designed for baking environments

Developed for baking settings and excellent for an easy release of baking and high-fat/sugar products. The low viscosity enables the releasing agent to be brushed or sprayed in a thin layer for efficient and undamaged release.

  • Production bands
    Production bands
  • Baking trays
    Baking trays
  • Baking tins
    Baking tins

This is Bandex

Thin liquid releasing agent based on vegetable oils and lecithin. Contains no water, which eliminates the risk for corrosion of the baking surface. Excellent technical performance and flawless release with no burning remnants.

Anti-sticking properties

A lean full-coverage spread provides a slick release surface that makes the product slide off without sticking.


For horizontal and vertical application, which are convenient for release for both hot and cold baking products.

Packaging of your choice

Choose package size from 23 kg cans to 950 kg containers. Can be connected to and used in automatic application systems.

Win-win conditions

Good release makes a more reliable baking process with less rejects and stops on the line. Small amount required makes it economical.

RSPO-certified or palm free

Bandex releasing agents are made from natural ingredients. We do not use any palm oil as a single component, but some of the raw material of the releasing range may contain fractions of palm.

At Aromatic we believe in sustainable baking and give you the option of choosing RSPO-certified release agents or entirely palm free alternatives. Please ask your sales contact for further details.

Five fast facts


Originates from soya or sunflower.


For industrial and artisan application.


Does not effect flavour of the baked product.


Free from allergens and GMO.


Makes baking surfaces easier to clean.

From the range

Bandex Original

Formulated for oven bands, trays and sponge tins. A highly cost-effective and rational solution for using only one product for both vertical and horizontal release. Also available in a palm free version still with the same characteristics.

Use for
Oven bands Trays
Cake tins

Very thin layer

23 kg 180 kg
925 kg

Bandex Greasing Agent 114

Outstanding release properties for oven bands. Its powerful composition makes it particular suitable when running in new steel bands or when removing heavy residues from bands already in use. Also available in a palm free version still with the same characteristics.

Use for
Oven bands

Very thin layer

24 kg 180 kg
950 kg

Bandex Caresse

A very fluid release agent suitable for spraying or brushing of bread tins and baking sheets. It can also be applied for bread that is rolled in oil and baked together in a form.

Use for
Bread tins Baking sheets
Rolled in bread

Very thin layer

23 kg 925 kg


Release agent in handy spray can especially convenient for smaller operations. It is easy to apply and always evenly distributed. Free from trans fats.

Use for
Cake tins Bread sheets
Pizza trays

Very thin layer

410 g / 525 ml can