Freshness enhancers
For a top-class eating experience

Arofresh is a range of powerful shelf life improvers in liquid form that keep cakes fresh and make them safe against mould. With fine quality, long-lasting freshness and delicious flavour in mind, this range satisfies high consumer expectations.

Freshness enhancers <br />For a top-class eating experience

Freshness = Quality

The quality of a cake is assessed by its sense of freshness. By reducing moisture loss, Arofresh keeps baked products fresh for longer. The result is remarkable freshness and softness, also throughout storage.

Freshness = Quality

Impressive shelf life

Arofresh is based on liquid ingredients like glycerol, propylene glycol and/or preservatives. By dissolving the preservative in a liquid it becomes much more effective than in powder form. This means Arofresh is much better at inhibiting or reducing growth of mould compared with competitors.

Impressive shelf life

How to use

Add any Arofresh product together with other liquids, such as egg, water or oil, directly at the beginning of the mixing. Allows the all-in-one method and makes mixing quick and easy. Remove the same amount of liquid in your recipe.

How to use

Arofresh by application

A powerful shelf life and freshness solution that can be used in the following baked goods and many more.

  • Sponge cake
    Sponge cake
  • Pound cake
    Pound cake
  • Swiss roll
    Swiss roll
  • Muffins
  • Layer cake
    Layer cake
  • Madeleines
  • Bar cake
    Bar cake
  • Madeira cake
    Madeira cake
  • Cream & filling
    Cream & filling

Long shelf life is king!

Benefit from longer shelf life in many ways and satisfy high consumer expectations.

Exceed expectations

Satisfies the picky consumer! Fine quality, long-lasting freshness and delicious flavour are crucial to win consumers’ approval.

New sales opportunities

Opens up new horizons by allowing sales to a wider geographic area and export. Also supports marketing of low-volume products.

Distribution advantages

Fewer supplies make logistics more flexible. Enables the cake to travel greater distances, while remaining fresh and having the required shelf life after arriving at its destination.

Economic gains

Less frequent supplies allows longer production runs, which translates into less waste. Stronger product quality results in fewer returns and considerable cost savings.

Committed to quality

The secret behind beautiful baking is really fine ingredients. As part of our commitment to quality, ingredients are always assessed before being accepted into the recipe. This is how we can ensure reliable shelf life improvers that always deliver extraordinary freshness to your cakes.

Five fast facts


More efficient than powder.

No alcohol

Of pure vegetable origin and contains no alcohol.


Does not affect the appearance of the end product.


Halal and kosher certified.


Available in combination with flavour.

From the range

GL 15

Concentrated liquid shelf life solution based on glycerol. Tailor-made for unbaked products, for example fillings.

Marzipan Filling

15-20 g/kg on total weight

24 kg 900 kg

GL 24

Powerful liquid shelf life solution based on glycerol. The most concentrated in the range with top-notch result also from low dosage. Particular good for cakes rich in fat.

Pound cake Muffins
Sponge cake Swiss roll
Layer cake Madeleines

20 g/kg on total weight

30 kg 1220 kg

K2000 Lemon

Highly efficient all-purpose premium freshness enhancer produced to Halal specification. Liquid and based on propylene glycol. Binds moisture so that the cake remains moist and soft for a longer time.

Pound cake Muffins
Sponge cake Swiss roll
Layer cake Madeleines

20 g/kg on total weight

28 kg 230 kg

Sekura 2WP

All-round liquid shelf life and freshness solution for yeast-raised products. Inhibits mould growth without retarding the yeast activity.

White bread Hamburger buns
Sweet dough Brioche

0,4-0,7 % of flour weight

30 kg 1110 kg


Fermented wheat flour for baking of bread. A clean label alternative, which inhibiting mould in the baked product.

Toast bread Hamburger buns
Loaf bread Rustic crusty bread
Sourdough bread Baguettes

1-3 & of flour weight

25 kg 600 kg