Enzyme solutions
Freshness has never tasted so good

Arozyme Cake is a versatile powder concentrate designed to extend freshness in cakes for an ultimate eating experience. A combination of enzymes and other ingredients improves the freshness and quality.

Enzyme solutions <br />Freshness has never tasted so good

Synergies create outstanding freshness

1. Improves structure and texture, and prevents staling
2. Prolongs freshness and softness
3. Increases volume by around 10%

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are natural proteins used in baking to improve quality and freshness. They help bring out the best from raw materials and enable the baker to produce a better product, more efficiently and with a consistent result.

What are enzymes?

How to use

Can be applied as a supplement or replacement. Dosage from 5g/kg of total batter weight. Mix with dry ingredients. For artisan use, an extended Arozyme Cake mix with an emulsifier and baking powder is recommended.

How to use

Beat competition

Invest in quality ingredients for top-class baking. Beat the competition with fine baking results and let the freshness characteristics in Arozyme Cake impress. Gain the softness and chewiness expected by the consumer market.

Beat competition

Excellent result

Ensures the cake crumb remains flexible and has good resistance. This gives a softer crumb and prolonged freshness. Improvement is also apparent in staling, and the cake remains in a nice condition for a longer time.

Arozyme Cake diagram

Arozyme Cake by application

Can easily be combined with other ingredients for endless baking possibilities. Here are some examples.

  • Pound cake
    Pound cake
  • Muffins
  • Sponge cake
    Sponge cake
  • Layer cake
    Layer cake
  • Bar cake
    Bar cake
  • Swiss roll
    Swiss roll
  • Donut

Put to the test

After a month of storage, texture profile analysis shows how the hardness of muffins and pound cakes baked with Arozyme Cake is reduced by 40-45%, compared to the hardness in cakes baked with conventional cake mixes. This is illustrated in the graph.

Put to the test

Five fast facts


Gives greater control and insight over the baking process and end-result.


Easy to combine with other ingredients for flexible baking.

Clean label

Does not need to be declared on the ingredients list.


Available in 15 kg paper bags.


Protein-based, found in nature.