Produce the perfect Swiss roll with the right release agent

Reference case
Discover how a large Swiss roll producer solved their problem with a broken surface and a sticking sponge. This case proves it is as important to choose the right release agent as using the right recipe and baking temperatures.


A large European cake producer expands their production facility and establishes a new modern plant in a neighbouring country. Swiss roll production previously carried out at the old plant is transferred to a brand new line at the new factory.


The producer experiences major difficulties in setting up the new Swiss roll line. Pockets of air appear on the surface of the sponge. These break when the cake is rolled and become crusty crumbs. Furthermore, the sponge sticks on the band despite using the same release agent as previously. No changes have been made to the ingredient list, dosage or baking instruction.


A baking technician evaluates the recipe and previous attempts to solve the issues. We start to slightly increase the amount of vegetable oil in the recipe. An absolute balance is necessary as too much fat makes the cake fragile and it breaks when rolled.

Secondly, the temperature intervals and airflow in the oven are adjusted. The ultimate balance between flow velocity and direction is vital for a good result. It is for example important to eliminate cold and hot pockets to achieve the precise temperature.

Last, the Aromatic Bandex Greasing Agent 114 is sprayed on the production band. It has the benefit of being very clean containing no water or vax. The result is a flawless release with no burns.

Thanks to the adjustments the outcome is a perfect looking Swiss roll with an even surface. The sponge is finely baked and is easily released from the production band. The new line is finally up and running and the Swiss roll production can be moved to a more modern and efficient facility.