New range of natural flavours in ½ kg bottle

Natural flavours for baking

Bakels Aromatic is releasing a new range of over twenty natural flavours inspired by nature. We’re also offering these new flavours in smaller packaging, making them more accessible for the small artisan bakery and enabling the use of a wider range of flavours.

The launch is part of Aromatic’s green approach and a response to the growing demand for natural products in the Scandinavian and European markets. In the range you’ll find many classics, as well as flavours tailored to meet market trends. The flavours are well balanced and provide a fine, natural taste.

The original flavour assortment is already available in a variety of packages – from 1 kg bottles to cans and tanks. The new flavours also come in a ½ kg bottle tailored for the smaller producer. Package size is flexible depending on order quantity, but at present the following natural flavours are available in the new convenient bottle.

6347 Apple natural flavour 6343 Pineapple natural flavour
6339 Arrack natural flavour 6345 Pear natural flavour
6338 Banana natural flavour 6336 Pistachio natural flavour
6272 Bitter Orange natural flavour 6346 Raspberry natural flavour
6761 Cardamom natural flavour 6341 Roasted coffee natural flavour
6340 Chocolate natural flavour 6337 Rum natural flavour
6232 Lemon natural flavour 6342 Strawberry natural flavour
6330 Mandarin natural flavour 6104 Vanilla natural flavour
6344 Mango natural flavour 6348 Vanilla Bourbon natural flavour
6030 Mocha natural flavour 6349 Vanilla Tahiti natural flavour
6384 Orange natural flavour


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