How can I optimise my baking process?

The quality of a recipe depends greatly on the ingredients and the balance of basic ingredients like flour, sugar, egg and fat. Furthermore, a wide range of minor ingredients also contribute to product quality.

Functional ingredients like modern emulsifier systems are an absolute must. At Aromatic we produce robust state of the art emulsifier systems tailored to customers’ requirements so you can be sure to get the best ingredients available for your products.

Besides quality ingredients, recipe management is another vital tool for optimising your cake product formulations – whether you want to improve your products or bring new products to market quickly.

Cut costs

  • Optimise ingredients – reduce the number of ingredients, reduce fat and egg content, and/or replace expensive raw materials.
  • Substitute ingredients while maintaining excellent quality standards.
  • Aromatic emulsifier systems are designed to use lower levels of fat and egg, improve batter stability and replace expensive ingredients like hydrocolloids.

Add properties

  • Extend product properties, for example softness and shelf life over time.
  • Recipe formulation, water activity, pH values and storage are crucial to optimising shelf life.
  • Aromatic shelf life extenders have two-in-one functionality, both as softeners and mould inhibitors.

Ensure quality

  • Optimise the baking process through recipe adjustments.
  • Take advice from a bakery technician and let them work closely together with your R&D and marketing teams.