Boost softness with Bakesoft Palm Free

Bakels Aromatic launches Bakesoft PF – a palm free baking improver for yeast-raised products. It is the first palm-free bread improver in the Aromatic range and is one of the first of its kind on the market. It is designed to boost softness and improve dough’s tolerance to handling.

Bakesoft PF is a versatile product and can be used in a wide range of applications, such as white bread, sweet dough, croissants, panettoni, brioche and stollen. It can also be used in crisp bread, grissini, rusks and cookies for increased crispiness.

Softness and crispiness

Makes dough more tolerant while extending the experience of freshness and softness or crispiness. Lends the finished product an even, fine crumb, light texture and improved resilience. Bakesoft PF contributes to a softer and more indulgent product with an excellent eating quality that is maintained for a long time.

Improves dough handling

Bakesoft PF interacts with the starch in dough, making it more elastic, pliable and easy to handle. It is especially good for gluten-free doughs as these become less sticky. Shortcrust pastry and tea cookies baked with Bakesoft PF are easily formed and also maintain their desired shape.

Free from palm oil

Bakesoft comes in paste form and is entirely produced from raw materials other than palm. It is of pure vegetable origin and is free from GMO and allergens.