Baking Syrup –
Replace three ingredients with one!

Baking syrup rye muffins

The Aromatic Baking Syrup is a functional syrup especially designed for cake production, e.g. Swiss rolls, layer cakes, pound cakes and muffins. It is a convenient addition of only one product and replaces up to three ingredients.

Key characteristics

  • Liquid – Specific balance of sorbitol, glucose and glycerol.
  • Colour – Clear to light yellow.
  • Flavour – Neutral in taste.
  • The baking syrup adjusts itself after your recipe.
  • Makes it easier to modify existing applications or new recipe development.
  • Can be developed to give other functionality.

Advantages in production

  • Easy to handle manually or with dosage system.
  • Convenient addition of only one product.
  • Replaces up to three ingredients with the Aromatic Baking Syrup.
  • Combined liquid products optimise the production process.
  • Less ingredients streamline the supply chain and simplify product handling in warehouse.

Advantages in application

  • Interacts with water very well and helps to retain moisture.
  • Partially replaces dry sugar as a preservative in order to reduce the water activity.
  • Positive impact on shelf life.
  • By replacing several ingredients with only one – Aromatic Baking Syrup ensures uniform quality of the end product.

Storage & package

  • Storage – Room temperature – 15-25°C.
  • Package – One-way IBC container.
  • Freight – Usually shipped in 20 ft containers, with 18 IBC/container.