The world of professional baking

Aromatic is a bakery ingredients specialist and solutions partner.
We help bakeries worldwide accomplish exceptional baking tailored to local markets.
With functional ingredients we optimise the baking process, secure quality, and ensure a reliable production of delicious cakes.

“Make the world a more delicious place”, that was the dream of the entrepreneur P-A Persson. In 1936 he founded Aromatic and soon took the lead within technical baking. He broke new ground with innovative solutions and made baking possible during the world war by inventing substitutes for fat, eggs and sugar.  A few years later he introduced European bakers to a fantastic range of flavours from around the world.

The bakery market grew and advanced baking technology emerged. As bakers were challenged by new problems, Aromatic took once again the lead in finding new answers. A solution for volume and freshness was invented and Aromatic introduced its alpha-gel emulsifier Jilk, which revolutionised the quality, flavour and eating experience of baked goods.

Cake with current and almond

Jilk soon found its way around the world and is still chosen by bakers as an insurance for a reliable production, consistent baking quality and beautiful looking cakes. Jilk and other premium ingredients are now supplied throughout an extensive network of distributors, and our bakery technicians are present around the world for support and guidance.

The range includes products to improve the consistency, texture, volume, flavour, appearance, release and freshness of baked products.

Recently we celebrated 80 years in the business, which we see as the result of a successful recipe. Our passion is still to find creative solutions to baking challenges. We recognise that problem-solving nurtures innovation and innovation breeds trends. Together with our customers, we drive development forward and make the world a more delicious place to be with the indulgence of fine baking.

Welcome to the world of professional baking.
Welcome to Aromatic.