A true cake experience with Jilk Palm Free

Jilk PF is a brand new palm-free alpha-gel emulsifier for cakes. It is formulated to increase volume, improve batter’s tolerance to frequent handling and stabilise the baking process.

This is a unique solution based on the trusted original Jilk recipe and may even be the first of its kind on the market. Jilk PF is an all-round emulsifier that can be used in most kind of soft cakes, for example sponge cakes, muffins, swiss rolls, pound cakes and similar.

Volume & stability

Enhances batter tolerance and promotes the aeration of cake batter for higher and better volume. Jilk PF also stabilises the batter during the baking process and the baked product during cooling.

Efficient solution

Quickly distributes ingredients in the batter and reduces mixing time. An alpha-gel is the optimal physical form for an emulsifier and is one of the most acknowledged volume solutions on the market.

Free from palm oil

Of pure vegetable origin entirely produced from raw materials other than palm. Jilk PF comes in a convenient paste form for optimal performance and easily disperses in the batter. It is also free from GMO and allergens.