The excellence of professional baking

Aromatic is a bakery ingredients specialist and solutions partner. We help bakeries worldwide achieve consistent quality and delicious baking that continues to impress. Our range includes products to improve the texture, volume, flavour, appearance, release and freshness of baked goods.

The excellence of professional baking

What is your baking challenge?

The recipe for success is a reliable baking process, consistent quality and cost-optimised recipes. It is about understanding the consumer, being creative, providing an extraordinary eating experience and exceeding expectations.

Baking solutions partner

The Technical Competence Centre is a valuable source of know-how for our clients. This is where we have gathered our knowledge and global experience in industrial and artisan baking.
This is where we solve baking challenges.

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Baking solutions partner

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We’re constantly exploring new trends, ingredients and technologies, and turning ideas into actual products. Discover some of our most recent solutions below.

Sustainable emulsifiers for the modern bakery

Aromatic supports sustainable baking and is committed to providing greener, clean label products for the modern bakery. Our range of powerful emulsifiers contains only fractional quantities of palm oil. Even so, as an RSPO-certified handler of ingredients sourced from ‘segregated’ palm oil, we now formulate all our emulsifiers with these segregated oils, while some are offered entirely palm-free.

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