What we’re doing right now

We are present around the world at exhibitions, trade conventions and local distributor events. We are always engaged in new solutions, application development and innovation projects. Here is what we are up to right now.

Sustainable emulsifiers for the modern bakery

Aromatic supports sustainable baking and is committed to providing greener, clean label products for the modern bakery. Our range of powerful emulsifiers contains only fractional quantities of palm oil. Even so, as an RSPO-certified handler of ingredients sourced from ‘segregated’ palm oil, we now formulate all our emulsifiers with these segregated oils, while some are offered entirely palm-free.

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Exhibition – Sigep

Meet the Aromatic team at the 38th Sigep expo, taking place from 21st to 25th January 2017 in Rimini, Italy. Take the opportunity to learn about our new and upcoming products, including our natural flavour range and segregated oils. Looking forward to seeing you there!

New range of natural flavours in ½ kg bottle

Aromatic is releasing a new range of over twenty natural flavours inspired by nature. We’re also offering these new flavours in smaller packaging, making them more accessible for the small artisan bakery and enabling the use of a wider range of flavours. The launch is part of Aromatic’s green approach and a response to the growing demand for natural products […]

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Eight essential trends in the cake market

A successful bakery needs to follow the movements on the market, adapt to challenges and understand consumer expectations. Let us share eight essential trends in the bakery market!

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Online store for sale of saffron

Aromatic launches its very first online store for sale of fine quality saffron extract and raw saffron. For over 50 years Aromatic has supplied the Scandinavian market with saffron and has become one of the leading suppliers in this market. At the start the store is only available for the Swedish market, but is expected to soon expand to further geographic areas. – www.aromatic.se/shop